Wednesday, July 21, 2010

omgg i was afrade taht if i didnt post i wuld loose tihs blogg athat wuld be dr hrrible.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

omg i hav not updated in all most a yr! tihs is prob bcos leik, i am geting older and the foozes is not as funy as it was when i was younger, witch is ok, cos that just makes it more specal.

i was think about holloween, cos its my fave holday, and they had news storys on the news today and it was a story about these wiccas who had move into this little town in illinoy, and they put up a store that was also a scool, and ppl didnt like it. cos the wiicas might have turned the good kids into bad kids who leik eat babys at night and fly broosm.. this is prob becos these ppl are not v. knowlegble about wiicansism. but i was liek, why are ppl afraid of witchs? ever swince the salem trayls, where they killed MILLIONS of witches, there haven't been a problem with the witches in the us, you know?

but maybe its cos when the romans were making the whole world be christians after they turned turkey into another rome that also becomes leik some other city O(theres a song about it, i cant rember), they wanted to be a lot different from all the old pagsn their used to be. like the greeks. who invented all kinds of GODs and differents TEMPLES and MAGICS and PITA BREAD so the romes made it so that ppl were afraid of witches so they wouldnt want to do the cool greek things, like have the trees inside and give candy to ghosts and find eggs. maybe. itx just a thery.

omg i wish i new where my mom hides the holloween candy. its somehwere in the house, but i cant find it.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

hay guyz

so leik, it is almost time 4 turkey day brakes, witch is a grate holly day wehre we cellibrate taht time wen we killed all teh indians. we do this by eat cranberrie sauces. which make sense, i gues, cos cranberrys grow in bogs, witch is where teh indian use to catch teh white ppl & turn them in2 mummyes.

i leik wen holyday r not realy about teh thing teh holyday is about, cos then u can enjoy teh foods and stuf w/o haveing tot hink about sirius thigns. leiks how xmas is about santa eating cooky, and easter is about a bunny bring candy beans, and not a zombie jesus.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

wow i have not update in a wile, cos it is v. busy u no righting & such. 2day i did not evan have times 2 read a book, cos i wuz so much reading 4 classes. leik, scipts.

early i sneeze & it feel leik i am lose part of my brane. this is ur brane, this is ur brane on histimeen. aparetnly there is a rag taht is also a wede? or teh otehr ways around, leik, it make me think i have fluz but instead it is just my immunity sistim kind of having a wig (the freaking out, not teh fake hairs) cos parts of teh rag that is a wede get in my nose? i dont know, its foncusing.

i bunrt my tonge & now i am try 2 touch my tonge w/my tonge, the way u do wen u hurt sometings in ur mouth. its liek, ow my tonge *toches* ow my tonge *touche* ow my tonges *touchs* over & over, cos i dont think my brane is hook up 2 my tonge. prolly cos of teh histameens.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

2day alisa send me fooz:

""Daylie fooz--i ete n eyess creme bar rite now @ wurk an i axidentlee stik it on my noes. NOW mai noz al stikcy so sad cri.""

it wuz v. excite 2 resieve teh fooz on my cell fones altho && i tel alysa tihs, my fone make aloud beeps wen i get a msg && it scare me leik omg!! wot is taht noises!! tish is a litl leik wen i get teh scary rESTRICTED msg on my fone in teh middles of teh nite && it make a v. loud beeps taht sound v. scary and not natral.

i had another grate foozes 2 posting, but i hav to right my scripts now 4 this class i may take if i get in taht is abou trighting movys 4 2 make them into acutl movys. it may B kewl. laters.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

yo peeps wuts up?

so leik, i hav moved around teh fernature in my bedrume cos i wanted more spaces, so now teh head of teh bed is bedhind my desk. since sat i have run into teh metal parts of teh frame w/ my shins 5 time. okay, so, advise: dON'T RUN INTO METAL THINGS W/UR LEGS 4 SIRIUS. teh last time, cos i had all ready lost all teh skins on my legs && i just scraped, leik, raw musle r flesh r wutever is under teh skins, and leik, i saw flashy tihngs in front of teh wulrds witch is wot a think ppl meen when they say they see *s.

omg it hurt so much i toghut i wuz going 2 dye. but then it quit herting & i made some sandwich 4 lunch.

speeking of witch, i hadnt eat last nite or tihs morning cos im not hungry wen it is leik a google degrees outside && tehn this after noon i started geting teh shakes, like old ppl get, r ppl w/ teh parksons. so i wuz leik, dudes, i neade to eat, cos theres no sugar in my bloods. so i 8 a sandwich, cos i dont want to go 2 teh stores b4 i leave 2 go home, so i hav leik, rice && bean && sandwichs && brawn shwauger (witch is a patay spread made from livers, omg, i now its gross but its tasty) && thats it, so its kind of sad try to find fude to eat.

wow i had more fooz tahn i thought i did.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

omg teh foozes. see, i had not write in teh foozes 4 a v. longn time, bc usally i do not find it as funy as i think it shuld b? but alisa say i shuld written in it agin, so...teh fooz!

so i wuz thinking about wut i will writing my next movy about, & i wuz thingkn bowdasha, who is leik a celtic godS r sumthing. i didnt no taht teh basketbal teems had goddeS' r they leik mascotz r somthing??! altho i gues thats kewl, since they prolly can leik smite teh other teem w/ litening r tridentz r abduct them 2 the underworld & then they culdnt play, so that seams leik a gude idea.

i wuz also tring to think of a scyfy story for a movy, leik, something matrix like cause i dont want teh budgeit 2 b 2 hi, but al i can thinkg ab out r movys i have already sean. or bookz. them 2.

omg gavin Dgraw just came up on my Itunes. wuznt his song on 1treehill r something? i dont no. it is a fun song, tho. even tho it got plays 2 much.